FDA Funding is available now through April 21, 2016 for outreach, education and training for Native American Tribes and Local Food Producers to enhance food safety and FSMA compliance.

Community-based and grassroots organizations, as well as local government entities, are encouraged to develop projects that will facilitate these two groups’ understanding and integration of federal food safety regulations, relevant to their production scales and management practices.

Both types of funding are by cooperative agreement. The tribal outreach is $750,000 per year for three years. The local food producers grant is $1.5 million for Fiscal Year 2016 with the possibility of two additional years of funding contingent on performance and fund availability.

One award is expected to be given in each category, with some overlap of eligibility between tribal governments and operators of small and mid-size farms and businesses involved in local food production and processing.

A complete list of food safety grant opportunities is available at Grants.gov.

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