Your plant produces thousands of data points a day, whether you’re collecting them or not. The Internet of Things (IoT) is ready to make smart use of that data. But what specific tools does the food industry need to fully embrace this revolution?

According to a recent Food Processing article, the first thing you need is a functional team. Gather your company’s subject-matter experts, from maintenance, sanitation, engineering, and production. Review specific processes step by step, and identify what’s needed to optimize operations.

Greater bandwidth, cloud-based applications, and more comprehensive connectivity offer a glimpse of the possibilities. Define how you’ll use the available tools before overhauling your infrastructure. A baseline assessment of your current systems is also a good idea, to help you decide how best to integrate new technology.

Once you’ve consolidated your findings and agreed on a strategy, bring in the IT professionals for consultation. Remember that it’s ok to start small, keeping in mind the potential for growth as you begin to manage more information in new, more efficient ways.

This Food Processing Special Report shares in-depth case studies from companies leading the way into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Source: Food Processing. Are You Ready for the Industrial Internet of Things?

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