word of mouth

Word of mouth has always been important for brands. And today, a lot of that conversation happens over social media. In a first-of-its-kind study of offline and online consumer engagement, Engagement Labs recently named Kellogg’s the top TotalSocial food brand, followed by Hershey’s and Heinz.

The study measured offline and online performance. Offline score reflects how well a brand drives face-to-face conversations. Online score reflects brand sentiment, sharing, and influence on social media.

More highlights from the findings:

  • The food industry as a whole has room for improvement in both offline and online customer engagement.
  • Kellogg’s got the best offline score, while Betty Crocker earned the top online score.
  • Many food brands perform below average on both scores compared to averages across industries.

Commenting on the success of Kellogg’s, General Mills, and Hershey’s — which all achieved above-average scores both online and off — Engagement Labs CEO Ed Keller said:

“These three brands each provide a unique blueprint for how food brands can succeed in leveraging social influence to drive results. Online and offline work in tandem with one another, and our data proves that, in order to drive business results, brands cannot solely rely on one over the other.”

Learn more about the study and view the full results at Engagement Labs.

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