Millennial Love List

Millennials want healthy snacks, one-stop shopping trips, and brand ethos, according to the Condé Nast and Goldman Sachs 2017 Love List. This is the first time the study included food.

The survey showed that Millennials want healthy snacks. Out of the snack brands that made the list, 75% are health focused, including Angie’s and Noosa Yoghurt.

Millennials are also one-stop shoppers, with Walmart and Target topping the list, and they want convenience. Finally, in terms of authenticity, when price and quality are consistent, Millennials buy from food brands that are clear on what they stand for.

Here are some of the food and beverage brands that Millennial “food enthusiasts” purchased from in 2017:

  • San Pellegrino (81%)
  • Angie’s (77%)
  • Starbucks (67%)
  • Noosa (64%)
  • Clif (55%)

For all the details, read the press release

Millennials harness over $200 billion in spending power. Smart food manufacturers are paying attention to the preferences of this generation and are making informed changes to appeal to them.

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