Millennials and snack foods study

When it comes to snack foods, Millennials want products that not only taste good but are healthy and convenient, according to The Snacking Trends Report 2017.

Welch’s Global Ingredients Group surveyed 300 Millennial snackers throughout the United States to find out where, when, and why they snack. Here’s what Millennials want.

Tasty, nutritious, and convenient snacks

  • Millennials cite taste as most important (80%), followed by nutrition and health (52%), and convenience (49%) when choosing a snack.
  • Millennials snack because they’re hungry between meals (79%), but also because they’re tired and need an energy boost (42%) or too busy to sit down for a meal (39%).
  • Although the majority (85%) snack at home, 48% snack at work and 34% snack in the car.

More snacks made from whole foods

  • Most Millennials (92%) eat snacks as meals at least once a week.
  • Half said they do so at least four times a week.
  • More than a quarter (26%) said they replace meals with snacks at least seven times a week.
  • When choosing a snack to eat, they look for whole grains (43%) on the ingredients list.
  • They also look for snacks with real fruit (42%) and added vitamins and minerals (42%).

Ingredient transparency

  • In true Millennial fashion, 68% of respondents said they consider it important to know the origin of the ingredients.

For all the details, download the whitepaper.

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