Wind Turbine - Clean Energy

General Mills announced today that it has signed a 15-year agreement with Renewable Energy Systems to help fund the construction of a wind energy project in Texas. The project will help the food company meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as create 250 jobs in the clean energy workforce.

John Church, General Mills Executive VP of Supply Chain, commented: “As we help mitigate the impacts of climate change, investing in wind energy is the right thing to do. This investment is another step towards reducing our energy footprint and achieving sustainable emission levels — in line with scientific consensus — by 2050.”

The food industry has been very proactive in putting measures in place to fight climate change, an effort that does not appear to be affected by President Trump’s recent decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord. Grupo Bimbo also recently reaffirmed its commitment to reduce its carbon and water footprints. And the leaders of several companies, like Cargill, expressed disappointment in Trump’s decision.

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