Manufacturers need to find a better way to reach Millennials if they want them to comply with product recall notices. Millennials are the least likely age group to comply with food, pharmaceutical, motor vehicle, and consumer electronics recall notices according to a survey of over 1,000 Americans conducted by Stericycle Expert Solutions.

In fact, 18% of Millennials (age 18-35) say they’ll ignore a recall notice, compared to 6% of Baby Boomers (55+) … that is if they read them at all.

The survey reflected more dismal figures:

  • 36% of Millennials typically throw notices away
  • 33% of Millennials consider recall notices “not serious”
  • Millennials ranked last in acting on motor vehicle, food, and pharmaceutical recalls

Most people do comply with recalls. So, why are Millennials lagging behind?

Michael Good, Vice President of Marketing & Sales Operations at Stericycle Expert Solutions, points to communication as a critical issue. “This research shows that product recalls are as much a communications challenge as they are a logistical one. The lesson for both regulatory bodies and product manufacturers is to make recall compliance easier and more relevant to this generation.”

The silver lining? Approximately 85% of all respondents will check their fridge and cupboards if they hear about food recalls indirectly (news, social media, etc.). That’s great news when you’re dealing with recalls like golf balls in hash browns or Listeria contamination.

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