Healthy breakfast

Health is consumers’ top priority for breakfast foods, according to a new study by health, nutrition, and materials company DSM.

More than three-quarters of the respondents from seven countries said they’re conscious of the health aspects of foods they choose at breakfast. And, for most, healthiness was more important than other factors — 69% said they prefer healthy to cheap foods, and 65% said they prefer healthy to tasty foods.

The trick is that those foods need to be fast. About one-quarter of respondents said they devote only 5 minutes or less to preparing and consuming breakfast.

The survey also found that consumers are paying more attention to food labels than they used to. Six in 10 respondents report reading labels more often today than they did 5 years ago, and almost the same number say they read the ingredients list before the nutritional information. More than half of respondents also reported looking for more natural breakfast products.

Carin Gerzon, DSM’s Global Head of Marketing Communications, said in a press release: “The results of this survey show that despite busy schedules, consumers are increasingly interested in making healthier choices – and looking to the ingredients in their food as an indication of both health and quality.”

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