Reiser has been supplying processing and packaging equipment to the food industry for nearly 60 years. The company is known for its high-quality products, innovative engineering, and top-notch customer support.

Reiser’s offerings on the Food Industry Executive Marketplace include packaging and processing equipment.

Processing equipment

  • Fomaco M2 Injector — The Fomaco M2 Injector is a sturdy, extremely durable, high-performance machine designed to work in a highly demanding and aggressive production environment.
  • Fomaco M3 Injector-Tenderizer — The Fomaco M3 provides you with the ultimate platform when choosing and building your injector-tenderizer. By mixing and matching various components, you can customize the M3 to fit your production, giving you the highest level of specialization possible.
  • Vemag FM250 Gourmet Patty Forming System — The Vemag FM250 uses gentle, low-pressure forming to produce more tender, better-eating burgers.

Packaging solutions

  • Fabbri Stretch Wrap Packaging Solutions — This economical packaging solution uses stretch film to overwrap fresh food products in preformed trays and produces highly attractive packages with a fresh, “packed in-store” appearance.
  • Ross Tray Seal Packaging Solutions — Ross Tray Seal Packaging Solutions consistently produce packages with reliable, high-quality seals that extend product shelf-life.
  • Reiser Form/Fill/Seal Packaging Solutions — Reiser’s solutions deliver high-quality vacuum, MAP, and VSP packages. The company provides a wide range of equipment solutions, from entry-level models with a low cost of ownership to the high-performance models capable of the fastest production speeds in the industry.
  • Supervac Vacuum Chamber Packaging Solutions — The Supervac sealing system provides two superior seals to every bag to virtually eliminate leakers, resulting in high-quality vacuum packages.
  • Vemag Chub Packaging Solutions — This high-speed chub packaging system provides a continuous flow of exact-weight portions and produces dense, uniform chubs with no air.

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