Wixon expands taste modification portfolio with customized solutions to improve taste profiles

ST. FRANCIS, Wis. (May 22, 2019) – Wixon announced the relaunch of Mag-nifique™, a line of custom taste modifiers. The extensive portfolio offers solutions to overcome taste challenges that often occur in food and beverage development when reducing salt and sugar or upon adding functional ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals and protein. The Mag-nifique™ technology can be used to mask unwanted flavors, like bitterness, or enhance desirable ones, which may be muted in certain applications. In keeping with the consumer preference for clean label ingredients, Mag-nifique™ taste modifiers are listed as “natural flavor” on ingredient statements and can be non-GMO.

“Meeting consumer expectations can result in taste challenges in almost any food formula,” says Mel Mann, director of innovation, Wixon. “Whether trying to reduce negatives or enhance positives, substituting for traditional ingredients may leave a taste gap that is noticeable by consumers. Mag-nifique™ taste modifiers can help bridge that gap. Since there’s no one magic ingredient that will solve all taste challenges, Mag-nifique™ was designed not as a single product but rather as a system, customizable to meet the unique needs of each food. With this system we can mask off-notes or bitterness, or enhance savory aspects, all in support of achieving spectacular flavor.”

Modification Technology
The Mag-nifique™ technology is used to modify flavors in:

Sweet Modifier Systems allow product developers to reduce sugar while maintaining sweet taste. The systems can also be used to mask off-notes from alternative sweeteners.

Savory Modifier Systems aid sodium reduction while maintaining a product’s salty taste by reducing metallic off-notes from salt substitutes. Use of these systems will also add or enhance savory, umami notes.

Bitter Modifier Systems reduce bitter tastes.

Functional Modifier Systems mask protein and vitamin off-notes, reduce grassy notes, and reduce mineral aftertastes.

Effects Modifier Systems can reduce astringency or add mouthfeel.

Substitute Systems are designed to achieve salt and sugar reduction and feature proprietary modification technology in KClean Salt™ and Sweet Advantage. The Substitute Systems are labeled, ‘natural flavors’ plus other ingredients.

For more information about Mag-nifique™ and other Wixon taste technologies, flavors and seasoning blends, visit www.wixon.com.


About Wixon Inc.
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