Since 2009, Provisur has been serving its global customer base with a broad range of value-added equipment and full line solutions. And now, you can find their solutions on the Food Industry Executive Marketplace.


  • RSBF Piranha Series — The Piranha filters bone from meat, eliminating unnecessary waste while providing extra product that you’d otherwise discard. It’s a revolutionary machine that pays for itself in no time.
  • Weiler® Self-Feeding Grinders — Weiler® Self-Feeding Grinders have a long-standing reputation for rugged construction and top performance, making them perfect for pre-ground meat and poultry and other high-value applications.


  • BeeMax® Systems — BeeMax® Systems are engineered to maximize your poultry processing operation. With high-output chamber configurations and a unique modular component design, the BeeMax® 04 and BeeMax® 06 are guaranteed to provide superior versatility, excellent product quality, and low maintenance costs.


  • Weiler Pre-Duster —  This top-of-the-line pre-duster assures gentle application of a large variety of pre-dusts and flours. It features benefits in both operation and execution processes, and it’s also designed for easy cleaning.


  • CashinEDGE® Slicer — The CashinEDGE® slicer provides bacon processors a competitive edge by delivering increased yields, greater throughput, and accurate slice count control.


  • Vacuum Tumblers — Provisur’s Lutetia brand tumblers improve productivity by allowing the consolidation of multiple processes. Using this tumbler, you can add color, flavor, and aroma to products in one operation.


  • NovaMax660 — A state-of-the-art servo driven system is suitable for forming meat, poultry, and non-meat products including burger patties, pork sausage, chicken fillets, and chicken nuggets.


  • Weiler® Fryers —  With length, width, and applications tailored to your specific needs, these high-quality fryers reduce energy consumption, optimize product quality, and maximize your return on investment.


  • ANCO G5 — The ANCO G5 bacon press is ideal for manual operation and spaces with limited space requirements. It comes equipped with a stainless steel oil tank, integrated oil cooler, and touch screen HMI.

Cooking and chilling

  • Hoegger® ECOPAST Series — The Hoegger® ECOPAST Series provides automated system solutions that result in exceptional value and efficiency for pasteurization, cook & chill, and sous-vide cooking. Continuous in-package cook and chill technology ensures product quality, provides a high degree of product safety, and assures long product shelf life.

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