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According to the most recent CPI data, following a modest increase in May, June’s food prices remained unchanged.

Food at home

Overall, the prices from food at home dropped by 0.2% last month. Price fluctuations among the grocery store food group indexes were mixed. Some of the indexes evened out after increases in May, while others are following months-long trends. 

  • Meat, poultry, fish, and eggs: -0.7% (vs. +0.8% in May)
  • Cereals and bakery products: -0.6% (vs. +0.4% in May)
  • Dairy and related products: +0.3% (fifth consecutive monthly increase)
  • Fruits and vegetables: -0.5% (third consecutive monthly decline)
  • Nonalcoholic beverages: -0.6% (vs. +1.2 in May)
  • Other food from home: +0.7 

All six grocery store food group indexes have risen over the past 12 months, contributing to an overall food at home price index bump of 0.9%. Of the individual groups, the index for nonalcoholic beverages has surged the most, at +2.3%. 

Food away from home

Following the familiar upward trajectory, prices for food away from home rose 0.3% in June.

  • Limited service meals: No change
  • Full service meals: +0.6%

The 12-month unadjusted index change for food away from home currently sits at +3.1%. 

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