Naegele Inc. has been providing bakery equipment and technical support since 1994. They work with each client to help them develop new products and successfully automate their production requirements. Their dedicated staff helps customers through the entire project process, all the way from conceptualization to equipment selection and implementation.

Naegele’s products on the Food Industry Executive Marketplace includes dough folders, sheeting lines, and ovens. 

Dough folders

  • Hercules Dough Folder — The Hercules Dough Folder is an industrial machine built for large-scale production of a limited product range. This powerful folding machine can run consistently for several days at high capacities, all while maintaining superb product uniformity.
  • Odin Dough Folder — The Odin Dough Folder is ideal for medium-to-large production capacities. This model is as flexible as it is powerful, as it can run nonstop for days on end and be quickly retooled when you’re producing multiple products.
  • Charlie Dough Folder — The Charlie Dough Folder is much like the Hercules model, but with a much smaller footprint. It can create a wide range of products, making it perfect for lower-volume production in commercial and industrial bakeries.

Sheeting lines

  • Sanitary Dough Sheeting Lines — This line was designed for artisan and standard dough manufacturers that need flexibility in an industrial setting. The unique dough sheeting technology allows you to create baguettes, ciabatta, rolls, pizza, tin bread, focaccia, flatbread, and more. 


  • Impingement Ovens — Naegele’s impingement ovens offer an indirectly fired baking solution, which means no combustion products share the baking chamber with your products. You can use this oven for producing everything from pizza and cakes to granola and empanadas. 

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