The only West Coast pretzel plant, offers wide variety of pretzels, nuts, and trail mix options

CARSON CITY, NEVADA – Elisabeth Galvin, President of Stellar Snacks, announced today the launch of her company’s new brand of pretzels, nuts and trail mix. This news comes on the heels of the opening of the company’s 100,000 square foot pretzel and roasting plant in Carson City, Nevada in March of this year.  Stellar Snacks is women-owned, and family run. They are the only pretzel plant on the West Coast of the United States.  The plant is a peanut-free, Non-GMO project verified, SQF and Kosher certified facility.

“With over 25 years of experience packaging and selling snack products and services for the transportation industry in the US, Canada and Europe through my first company, Delyse, Inc, I repeatedly felt there was a lack of customer service and innovation for tasty and healthy options in the snack industry. That is how Stellar Snacks was born,” Gavin said.

This month, Stellar Snacks premiered their new snack options at the ECRM Latin American Retail show. The Stellar Snacks gluten free pretzels were a fan favorite with store buyers and exhibitors.

“We are underdogs at the moment but we are growing very quickly. In just 7 months, we have already hired 65 Stellar employees and produced over 55M pretzel snacks and roasted nuts for United Airlines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Air Tahiti Nui Airlines, Amtrak, and shipped bulk products across the U.S. and overseas. Additional ovens and confectionary equipment will be installed in the first Quarter of 2020 to support the demand we are experiencing,” Galvin said.

In addition to offering their branded products, the company also provides co-packing and private label services.  Stellar Snacks can bake, roast, and package to meet any customer needs. Customizing pretzel shapes, seasonings, sizing, and more. Current shapes vary from original pretzel twists and sticks to holiday themed.

The plant can bake 15M pounds a year per oven (45M by Q4 2020) and roast 42M pounds per year. Stellar Snacks sources, roasts, and packs high quality tree nuts and seeds. This includes almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, sunflower seeds, soy nuts, pumpkin seeds.

The Stellar Snacks Plant uses state-of-the-art Bosch packaging equipment and a precision weight control system that can handle all types of packaging needs such as portion control, wholesale bulk, and even PET jars. They offer pillow, block bottom, gusseted, quad, doy, and additional varieties of bags.

“We take great pride in our transparent sourcing and our commitment to high quality ingredients from domestic and international suppliers.  We have created long term relationships with growers and processors.   One of the things that I believe sets us apart, is the importance we place on working closely with our farmers and encouraging sustainable practices,” Galvin said

Stellar Snacks requires its suppliers to pass a rigid approval process for both food safety and to ensure the use of sustainable farming practices.

Additionally, Stellar Snacks is devoted to making a positive impact through their Stellar Artist Program. Their branded packaging featuring artwork by artists all around the world.

“Including art on our packaging gives artists the opportunity to showcase their work while making every package we produce more valuable and multi-purpose. We found art to be the perfect way to marry empowerment and creativity,” Galvin said.

Stellar Snacks takes pride in being customer centric and driving innovation with quality products.  The management team has over 200 years of combined experience in the food industry (Diamond Foods, Baptista’s, Bosch, Tree House, and Snyder Lance) and that insight has proven invaluable in the creation of delicious, quality, healthy snack food items.

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