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As we head into a new month, here’s a look at our most-read posts from May. 

#1. 70% of Consumers Adding More Frozen Foods to Their Carts: American Frozen Food Institute

Frozen foods are experiencing substantial sales growth that may continue for the next few months, fueled by customers seeking products that are easy to store and prepare. 

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#2. OSHA’s COVID-19 Guidance and Resources for Manufacturing

Plants that have suspended operations are beginning to reopen, rethinking many of their practices and procedures in the process. To help manufacturers protect the health and safety of their workers during COVD-19 times, OSHA published these guidance documents.

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#3. Social Media for Food Brands in the Time of COVID-19

For most food categories, social media engagement increased during the pandemic. Here are some social media analytics and posting recommendations to help food brands adapt their social strategies to the situation at hand.

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#4. COVID-19 and Food Production Challenges

While some food companies are back to pre-COVID-19 production levels or exceeding them, others are still producing at reduced levels. Here are some of the challenges and setbacks preventing some manufacturers from getting back to normal. 

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#5. PepsiCo Gets into the DTC Game

Online grocery sales are on the rise, prompting some larger packaged food companies, including PepsiCo, to start DTC initiatives. 

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