ORANGE, Calif. (Oct. 14, 2020) –Everything Food, an innovative online platform designed to build better health through food, is excited to welcome Vitus Spehar as Executive Director of Impact. A leading advocate for sustainability and food equity, Spehar brings over 15 years of expertise in food justice programming and immeasurable passion to the new role.

As Executive Director of Impact, Spehar will lead nutritional literacy, storytelling and food access programming. In partnership with leaders of the healthcare, culinary, and food justice movements, Spehar will continue shaping the Everything Food platform as a whole.

Prior to joining Everything Food, Spehar worked for the James Beard Foundation, overseeing a suite of programs designed to drive sustainability and equity in the culinary industry. Spehar led the Foundation’s “Owning It” and “Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership” initiatives, as well as efforts to build a more diverse and inclusive industry for the LGBTQ+ community.

A believer in the healing power of food, Spehar also spearheaded the creation of harvestRx during their earlier tenure at Hungry Harvest. The successful partnership with Baltimore/DC area hospitals and care giving networks provided fresh produce deliveries to chronically ill patients to improve overall health and wellbeing.

“The Everything Food team has been on a multi-year journey to develop the most comprehensive and customizable food platform on the market to improve overall food literacy and equity. We are thrilled to have Vitus’ energy and expertise to help us achieve our goal,” said CEO Peter Balsells.

“My goal is to help people develop a healthier relationship with food and repair common fail points in the supply chain to better food access for all,” said Spehar. “On the food justice side, the Everything Food platform powers nutrition education and food supply management.  On the consumer side, we lean deeply into storytelling over food policing, and aim to bring pleasure back to shopping for, eating and preparing healthy meals,” adds Spehar.

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About Everything Food

The founders and crew behind Everything Food are chefs, home cooks, grocery geeks, food justice pioneers, and data scientists. We are dedicated to the idea that everyone has the right to better health through food. We believe in equalizing the food system by translating complex nutritional data into everyday language and providing shopping tools that empower consumers to access high-quality foods at the best prices, from stores they most love to support. Through our easy to navigate platform, we encourage story sharing, respect for diverse foodways, and raising health and food access opportunities for all.

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