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In our modern global food system, a foodborne outbreak can impact any part of the supply chain. For food processor and distributor executives, reducing the amount of risk in your organization is imperative. Many organizations still approach the problem by having a food safety team.

With the complex and dynamic supply chains that exist today, this approach is not sufficient, and companies risk harming consumers and destroying their brand.

The key is to build a food safety culture where everyone in the organization shares this responsibility. Food safety business processes, enabled by new technologies, are helping organizations move away from a siloed approach and build effective and sustainable food safety cultures.

You Will Learn:

  • The elements of a successful food safety culture
  • The technologies (ERP, MES, AI, IOT) and processes that enable smarter food safety cultures
  • How to evaluate where your organization is on the food safety maturity model
  • Steps to building a food safety culture throughout your organization


  • Richard Sides, Founder and CEO, Adroit NA
  • Bill Bremer, Director of Food Safety, Adroit NA
  • Jack Payne, Solutions Consulting Director, Aptean Food and Beverage ERP

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