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The 2021 Expo East NEXTY Awards winners have been announced. Over 650 products competed for the top prize in 23 categories.

The products were evaluated based on their innovation, inspiration, integrity, and potential impact. Many of the 78 brand finalists have organic certifications and regenerative agriculture commitments, among other characteristics that are hallmarks of a sustainable future. 

Here are the food and beverage winners:

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Best new condiment

This versatile sauce is straight from founder Jake Deleon’s family cookbook, and combines tangy, savory, and salty flavors. The product’s clean, minimal ingredient list makes it a great option for cuisine newcomers and aficionados alike.

Best new environmentally responsible packaging

The tub for this protein powder is 100% recyclable and also made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials. This pairs well with Carrington Farms’ pledge to be 100% carbon neutral by 2024.

Best new frozen product

These plant-based meatballs use simple ingredients that are said to please even discerning meat eaters, just without the meat! This product is also gluten-free and soy-free.

Best new meat alternative or dairy alternative

This delicious and clean cheese is made without vegetable oils, soy, fillers, starchers, or nutritional yeast. It’s also lactose free, making it a wonderful option for vegans as well as anyone adhering to a paleo or keto diet.

Best new meat, dairy, or animal-based product

This chicken dish is pre-seasoned and delicious while still serving up Farmer Focus’s values of being organic, traceable, and humane. Each package of this chicken is 100% traceable to the farm where it was raised.

Best new mission-based product

This milk boasts the honor of being made by the only Certified Regenerative dairy as well as being the only milk that uses seasonal milkfat. It also has a QR code consumers can scan to see milk fat percentage for a specific carton’s Best By date.

Best new natural kids product

This baby food uses only fruits and vegetables grown using biodynamic farming techniques. The product also boasts regeneratively farmed, biodynamic oats.

Best new natural living product

This product is at the forefront of the alternative alcohol movement and has a complex flavor. The product packaging is also made of 60% recycled materials, and the caps are made of sugarcane.

Best new organic food

These sweet and savory chicken thighs are a great option for home cooks seeking an elevated and clean option for at-home dinners. Every package of chicken is 100% traceable to the farm where it was raised.

Best new organic beverage

This smoothie contains MCTs, no added sugar, and coconut water as a few of its clean ingredients. Harmless Harvest is also striving for zero waste responsible agriculture.

Best new pantry food

The Asian-inspired flavor of this oatmeal is rich and unique. It’s also certified organic, high in fiber, gluten free, and contains taro and coconut milk, making the flavor similar to bubble tea.

Best new ready-to-drink beverage

This tonic is derived from mushrooms and delivers immunity-strengthening benefits. It combines ingredients such as ashwagandha, matcha tea, and holy basil for a delicious taste.

Best new savory or salty snack

GoodSam is committed to supporting small farmers. They work directly with a group of 5,000 small holder Kenyan farmers who have a regenerative farming system, allowing them to responsibly source their nuts.

Best new special diet food

This tofu uses chickpeas instead of soy, making the product allergen friendly while maintaining a firm texture. Big Mountain Foods upcycles tofu byproduct Okara into a chickpea starch that’s used as a substitute for corn starch, making chickpea tofu production zero-waste.

Best new sweet or dessert

This cookie mix is made with the company’s own cassava flour, which was developed to perform as well as wheat-based counterparts. The mix is free from the top eight allergens and certified organic.

Best new sweet snack

These fruit gummies are free of added sugar and boast a limited ingredient list. Containing only mango and abscorbic acid, these are a natural alternative to traditional fruit gummies.

Best new tea or coffee

This coffee is French-roasted over a sustainable oak wood fire. Both the bag and outer film are commercially compostable.

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