Health Startup to Offer Flagship Health Canada Approved Plant-Based Cardiovascular Formula to Global Industry Manufacturers and Ingredient Suppliers

–KELOWNA,B.C., CANADA: Infuse Your Life Health Products Inc, a Canadian-based health product and beverage startup is excited to announce that it is now offering it’s flagship Plant-Based Cardiovascular Support proprietary blended liquid formula to world wide food and beverage companies as well as ingredient suppliers. The Canadian startup feels that it is the perfect time to collaborate with companies that have a strong focus on functional health through food and beverage innovation. 

Health Canada Approved, and FDA compliant, “G-Cubed” is a proprietary blend of high MG levels of Ginger, Ginseng, and Black Garlic in a 100% water soluble format. Company Vice President Clint Richter states, “we know we have a very niche product, which we have commercialized through direct-to-consumer sales, and really feel its time to increase our production and promote our ingredient internationally by allowing others to incorporate G-Cubed into their products in order to bring more value through health innovation to customers around the world.” 

– G-Cubed has a rich vitamin breakdown of Ginsenosides, amino acids and peptides, vitamins (B1, B2, B12, and C), folic acid, and sterols beneficial for heart health, glucose management as well as defense against free radicals. 

Infuse Your Life has obtained a very specific health claim and ingredient license through Health Canada directly related to Cardiovascular Support and Glucose Management. Mr. Richter adds, “our formula really is an R&D dream. 100 % plant-based, water soluble, it can easily be added to almost any food/beverage application with little masking necessary.” The company’s R&D Lead at Nature’s Formulae has also developed a dark chocolate version of the product that makes it an ideal addition to chocolates and coffee flavored beverages. 

Infuse Your Life Products Inc is a niche startup with a focus on product innovation through plant-based formulations aiming to create a new standard in Cardiovascular Support and Diabetes Management.

VP Richter believes there is a large scale of untapped innovation across many food and beverage categories that industry leaders really can take advantage of in order to fill existing health needs of every day consumers.

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