Journey Foods Launches JourneyLabs & New Features As It Scales Its Quest to Simplify Food Innovation

First-of-its-Kind Food Tech Platform Provides Companies Fast, Safe, & Cost-Savings Software to Optimize Products and Supply Chain Operations

Food tech company Journey Foods has launched JourneyLabs, a new food tech program backed by the company itself, as well as a number of public institutions that see the massive potential benefit in funding building the future of food.

The new program will involve a number of partnerships with a variety of schools, including but not limited to: Columbia University, Cornell University, HKSP, Howard University, Huston-Tillotson University, McGill, Morehouse University, North Carolina A&T University, Spelman University, Tuskegee University, University of Chicago, University of North Carolina, amongst others.

All students and/or interns involved in the fellowship will not only be paid for their work, but also receive invaluable experience working with the cutting-edge technology and advanced data provided by Journey Foods.

While all companies and schools that take part in the incubator have specific and unique agreements, the common, ultimate purpose is for those involved to not only diversify the research ecosystem, but also to demonstrate the effectiveness of the platform by quickly and efficiently launching special products. One of the first collaborators is Columbia University, who is using Journey Foods’ data to 3-D print new food products.

JourneyLabs also provides select early stage companies and founders free access to data that can support a range of applications including alternative protein, blockchain, and faster manufacturing.

“This is truly a monumental day for our company,” said CEO/co-founder, Riana Lynn. “While we have been helping established companies and startups for a while now, it gives us another level and feeling of deep accomplishment to now be sharing our work with students, too.”

In addition to the launch of JourneyLabs, the company also announced a new feature has been added to its platform.

Previously, Journey Foods software allowed for companies to solve a number of common issues in the product development or product improvement processes such as diet considerations, sustainability factors, flavors, biodiversity, etc.

But with its latest upgrade, a new feature will also allow anyone using the platform to also solve packaging needs as well—whether that means biodegradable, eco-friendly, or whatever the case may be.

About Journey Foods: Journey Foods has developed the world’s leading product development platform to create a more efficient and sustainable global food system. It solves food science and supply chain inefficiencies with highly specialized software in order to help companies of all sizes feed 8 billion people better. From nutrition to sustainability, cost and packaging recommendations, Journey Foods takes cutting-edge AI, machine learning, and its highly actionable database, to greatly reduce the time and costs typically required in the product development and product improvement processes. Journey Foods has worked with a vast array of companies, from leading Fortune 500’s to innovative startups. Founded in 2018 by serial entrepreneur, Riana Lynn, it has raised $5M to date from various investors including Ascend, Capital Factory, Backstage Capital, SOSV, Chloe Capital, Springtime, and others. Journey Foods is headquartered in Austin, TX with additional office locations in Vancouver, BC, and Hong Kong.

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