Ingredients maker Tate & Lyle unveiled six key trends that are influencing consumer product innovation in the food and beverage market. The list reflects the current priorities of modern-day consumers.

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From a company standpoint, transparency is important. Consumers want to be aware of where ingredients are sourced, and they want to trust the healthy food and beverage products they choose. 

In the lifestyle category, many consumers are interested in plant-based products. Consumers are interested in the health benefits and positive environmental impacts that come along with plant-based eating.

Sugar reduction is another lifestyle trend gaining popularity. But consumers aren’t ready to sacrifice taste, and many are conflicted when it comes to reducing flavor for health benefits. 

Consumers are looking to support gut health, as many aren’t getting their daily recommended amount of fiber. As research continues to link gut health to numerous health benefits, prebiotics, probiotics, and fibers are enjoying increased popularity.

Another lifestyle factor important to consumers is convenience. Instant gratification has become a sought-after feature for the on-the-go consumer. Products will need to save preparation time and also fit within financial constraints, which could create formulation challenges for manufacturers. 

Along the same lines, better-for-you snacking is also a priority. With the development of healthier eating habits, better-for-you snacking products are a go-to choice.

According to Beth Nieman Hacker, Market Research Director at Tate & Lyle, commented: “By understanding how values, behaviours and appetites are changing, and the drivers behind these shifts, food and beverage brands can launch products that meet the needs of consumers today and better anticipate how these will evolve.”