New Food and Beverage Product Launches

Plant-based milk alternatives, salt-free chips, and spicy snacks are ready to hit the shelves this week. 

Califia Farms: Dairy-Free Beverages

Califia Farms recently added four new non-dairy milks and creamers to its lineup — Zero Sugar Oatmilk, Oat + Almond Plantmilk Blend, Cookie Butter Almondmilk Creamer, and Cinnamon Roll Oat Creamer. 

Like Califia Farms’ other products, the latest additions are free of dairy and carrageenan, non-GMO certified, kosher, and vegan. Oat products are made with gluten-free oats.

The new plant-based milks offer great-tasting options for low-sugar, low-calorie milk substitutes, and they’re priced at $4.19 per 48 fl oz container. The new creamer flavors add a sweet, creamy taste to coffee and are priced at $4.59 per 25.4 fl oz container. 

Supplier Catalog - BeekeeperJackson’s: No Salt Sweet Potato Chips

A new variety — No Salt Coconut Oil Sweet Potato Chips — is joining Jackon’s line of sweet potato chips in February in support of American Heart Month. 

Like Jackson’s other products, the new chips are made with non-GMO heirloom sweet potatoes and slow-cooked with ancestral oils. They’re a vegan, gluten-free, paleo, nut-free, and kosher snack option. 

All varieties are available in 1.5 oz and 5 oz bags. 

Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce and Casey’s: Spicy Snacks

Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce announced a partnership with Casey’s convenience stores to launch zesty jalapeno flavored peanuts, cashews, and pretzels.

All new products are available at Casey’s locations. Zesty Jalapeno Peanuts are priced $0.99 per pack, Zesty Jalapeno Cashews are available for $3.99 each, and Zesty Jalapeno Pretzels sell for $3.49 each.

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