CTI FoodTech’s New Way of Pitting Hits Food Processing Expo Sacramento

At the upcoming Food Processing Expo (15-16 February 2022 – Sacramento, CA), industry representatives will have a chance to visit the booths of the world’s biggest names in the food processing sector, who will exhibit their new industrial solutions for food processing.

“A New Way of Pitting” is this year’s trade statement by CTI FoodTech, the Made In Italy fruit processing specialized company, who ranks second globally for number of peach and apricot pitters installed at factories all over the world. With this tagline, CTI FoodTech will present at the show the new models of its fruit processing machinery line, the peach pitter Zero Pit Fragment, which guarantees a perfect fragment-less pitting and took over entirely the Spanish market one year into its introduction, the pear coring machine CTI-EPC, provided with a multiformat feeding system awarded as best technological innovation at SMAU, and the apricot pitter AP-1800, with its 9 channels the most performing in the world. During the event, CTI FoodTech will unveil the opening of a new USA facility, in California, which will bridge the Italian headquarter with the American market. At CTI FoodTech booth, visitors will have a chance to meet the company’s managers and discuss the outstanding revolution of the new peach pitting line model Zero Pit Fragment, which sums up with its twice internationally patented technology the tagline promise to bring peach pitting to a new level of quality and consumer safety, thanks to a significant reduction of pit fragment presence, without sacrificing speed and ease of use/maintenance, as well as its compliance with Industry 4.0 standards.

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