Dump Clean(TM) EX Bag Break Station Automatically Controls Combustible Dust in Explosive Environments

Custom-Engineered AFC System Empties Bagged Powders Safely

Clifton, NJ: Process equipment manufacturer Automated Flexible Conveyor, Clifton, NJ, (afcspiralfeeder.com) has unveiled the AFC Dump Clean(TM) EX bag break station. Developed to control combustible dust in explosive environments, the AFC Dump Clean EX permits powders to be automatically transferred from bags, sacks, drums, and other containers into storage or into the process without allowing fine particles to escape into the workplace. The automated bag break station continuously draws dust inside the unit before it can become airborne, virtually eliminating the fuel source from the explosive environment along with the potential for an explosive incident.

Custom-engineered to meet the safety requirements of each installation, the AFC Dump Clean EX features an upgraded hazardous location motor with companion electrical components that meet National Electrical Code standards for transferring Class I, Division II hazardous materials, plus an explosion-proof NEMA 7/9 control panel enclosure, and anti-static filter media to prevent electrostatic discharge. All metal, bolted, panels are bonded with braided cable for seamless electrical conductivity and safe grounding.

The AFC Dump Clean EX bag break station is designed and manufactured at the company’s New Jersey headquarters. Product and performance testing are offered live in person and online by live stream from the on-site test center.

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