Intech Changes Name to QUPAQ

Intech, a world leader in tray denesting and handling solutions, announced today that it has  changed its name to QUPAQ. After the successful consolidation of Intech and Carsoe’s food  handling divisions, QUPAQ now helps food-producing customers worldwide automate the  packaging of over 10 billion trays annually.  

Broenderslev, Denmark, 21 April 2022 

Tray denesting and handling specialist Intech announced today that it has changed its name to  QUPAQ. Having successfully integrated Carsoe’s food handling activities, the Danish company has  set ambitious goals for future growth.  

Bringing together Intech’s INTRAY line of denesters and Carsoe’s ANYTRAY line, QUPAQ is the  world’s leading provider of tray denesting and handling solutions for food producers. QUPAQ  currently denests and handles over 10 billion trays for food packing annually in more than 50  markets. The company sells its automation solutions to food producers, packaging line integrators, and equipment re-sellers worldwide. 

According to Kim Weidemann, formerly CEO of Intech and now CEO of QUPAQ, QUPAQ will be a  formidable force in tray denesting and handling worldwide. 

“Having consolidated the combined strengths of Intech and Carsoe’s food handling activities,  we needed a new name with a better fit for our product portfolio and international ambitions.  QUPAQ offers tangible benefits to our many food producing customers worldwide,” he explains.  “Under the same roof, we will continue to invest in and develop the electric INTRAY line, the  world’s most advanced denesting technology for high-volume producers, and the pneumatic  ANYTRAY line, the world’s leading best-value solution.” In addition to R&D synergies, QUPAQ will  be positioned to leverage Intech’s and Carsoe’s consolidated strengths in manufacturing and  worldwide sales and service, so the many customers can expect even better tray denesting and  handling solutions moving forward. 

Weidemann expects QUPAQ to play a positive role in the industry and has ambitious goals for  the new company. “As a major player in our niche, it’s important that we continue to work with  our customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to find new solutions to existing and emerging  challenges. Of course, providing customers with smarter automation for better production  efficiencies and competitiveness is a key strategic priority. At the same time, we’re also very  interested in optimizing hygienic, safe, and ergonomic production environments and in doing our  part to reduce food waste and energy consumption.” 

QUPAQ’s consolidated sales team looks forward to meeting old and new customers at Anuga  FoodTec in Cologne (26-29 April 2022) and at IFFA in Frankfurt (14-19 May 2022). 

For further information, please contact Anette Juul Larsen, Marketing & Communications  Manager, +45 21 36 96 66, [email protected] or visit  

About QUPAQ: QUPAQ (pronounced cue-pack) is the world leader in tray denesting and handling  solutions for food producers. Formed by the successful consolidation of Intech and Carsoe’s  food handling activities, the Danish company markets the electric INTRAY line, the world’s most  advanced denesting technology for high-volume producers, and the pneumatic ANYTRAY line, the  world’s leading best-value solution. QUPAQ is owned by Solix. For more information, please visit

CEO at QUPAQ Kim Weidemann
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