Sealed Continuous Processors Prevent Contamination From Exposure to Plant Environment

Readco Kurimoto Safeguards Materials from Dust, Pests, Humidity

York, PA: Continuous Processors from process equipment manufacturer Readco Kurimoto, LLC, York, Pa. (, feature a sealed design that safeguards the materials and products in process from contamination due to exposure to the plant environment. Processing within a fully enclosed barrel, the Continuous Processors eliminate the potential for contact with ambient dust, pests, light, humidity, and other contaminants, as well as with workers. Consistent process parameters are easily maintained in non-stop, long-term production while product purity from infeed to discharge is assured.

Ideal for food, nutrition, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other products processed in a sanitary environment or where product contamination is to be avoided, the Readco Continuous Processors automatically mix, encapsulate, crystallize and/or chemically react multiple powdered, liquid and/or viscous ingredients in a single step. The proven design directs the materials onto twin shaft, co-rotating screws set within the closed barrel to create the intimate material interactions needed to achieve a uniform, homogeneous product that meets targeted specifications.

The Continuous Processors are custom-engineered for each application based on laboratory testing using customer materials and formulations on full-size equipment. Performance is verified in advance with results guaranteed.

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