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Registration is open for the June 1 webinar, What If People and Technology Could Make Each Other Better?, sponsored by LCEsmartr.

Improve your return on net assets (RONA) without making additional investments in new equipment or technology.

Organize your people. Change nothing else. Achieve operational excellence. Smart cultures make smart operations. The LCEsmartr playbook can help.

Today there is greater opportunity than ever to leverage assets to establish new levels of productivity, safety, and sustainability. Whether or not the utopia promised by a “Smart Operation” is the goal, or you want to run a better, faster, cheaper, or safer operation, it starts with how you organize and mobilize your people to drive the culture shift.

This webinar is for food industry leaders looking to break through the productivity ceiling and create lasting change and continuous improvement in their operations.

In this session, we will explore:

  • Why achieving a “smart operation” seems like a pipe dream.

  • Why many manufacturers fail to achieve performance goals despite heavy investments in equipment and technology.

  • How people and technology can make each other better by getting the fundamental building blocks in place – people, processes, and tools – to optimize the performance of the operation.

  • The building blocks of creating a smart culture – connecting and coordinating people, equipment, and technology to optimize the performance of the system.

  • How the LCEsmartr playbook can help – the gold standard best practices for asset management, organizational change management, and technology integration. The LCEsmartr playbook is a cloud-based toolkit and a coach complete with the foundational building blocks of reliability excellence, change management tools, and eLearning.

Why attend?

For more than four decades, LCE has helped organizations large and small, public and private, local and global, transform how they think, understand, and manage the life cycle of their assets to meet business goals. We help organizations transform their asset management approach and we’ve built the gold standard resource to accelerate the process.

Join us on Wednesday, June 1, 2022, at 1 PM ET/10 AM PT to reserve your spot.

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