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There are a lot of headwinds facing industry right now – labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, inflation…you know the list. These circumstances are exerting a lot of pressure on manufacturing as a whole, including food and beverage manufacturers and their suppliers.

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During times like these, when external factors feel out of control, it’s even more crucial to focus on improving internal processes and communication. In a new article for Industry Week, corporate culture and leadership development expert Jay Richards examines a common problem in manufacturing companies: silo behavior – the “us versus them” mindset that makes employees miserable and stifles productivity.

Using data from more than 3,000 manufacturing leaders, Richards has identified five things leadership can do to break down silos and create cross-functional harmony rather than cross-functional dysfunction:

  • Being a model for creating change
  • Inspiring others with their vision of the future
  • Translating that vision into reality in a way that guides individual action
  • Engaging others to ensure buy-in
  • Helping people reach agreement on key issues

These may sound easy, but anyone who’s ever worked with other people knows that they’re not. Read Richards’ full article for more insights and examples of how successful manufacturing leaders put these ideas into practice.

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