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It’s time to catch up on the latest happenings within the food and beverage industry. Our top articles for this month include a report on how software is transforming the food industry, a guest article that gives tips for “recession-proofing” your business, and a piece that highlights common pain points and solutions in the creation of high-protein products.

#1. New Report: How Software Is Transforming the Food Industry

Our latest industry report highlights how heightened demand and labor shortages forced technology into the spotlight for many companies. Over 4 in 10 (43%) processors and manufacturers said software transformed the way they operate, with slightly less (40%) reporting that it gives them a competitive advantage.

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#2. How Digital Olfaction Is Impacting the Food and Beverage Industry

This article by guest author Fanny Turlure explores how digital olfaction can help brands keep up with advancements in technology and shifting consumer trends, with particular attention to Gen Z’s buying habits, as their presence is becoming highly influential in the consumer market.

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#3. How Food Processors Can Prepare for What’s to Come

Guest author Bob Grote highlights tips to consider in order to “recession-proof” a business, including keeping in mind the cyclical nature of the economy, leveraging automation as it makes sense, and planning ahead to weather the storm. 

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#4. USDA Announces Details of Framework to Transform the Food Supply Chain

The USDA highlighted a framework that will make the food supply chain fairer, more resilient, and more competitive. This framework includes goals such as emphasizing equity and making nutritious food more accessible to consumers, among others. 

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#5. Addressing Production Pain Points of High-Protein Products with Instrumentation

This piece by guest author Arnaud Dubat delves into why protein is an in-demand ingredient for consumers and addresses concerns and questions processors may have when incorporating additional/new proteins into formulation. 

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