KPM Analytics Announces First Alveograph for Whole Wheat Flour and Dough Analysis

New version of Alveolab® functional and rheological analyzer achieves an industry first 

Westborough, MA (August 17, 2022) – KPM Analytics ( announced today a new  version of its CHOPIN Technologies Alveolab® functional and rheological dough analyzer used by bakeries,  as well as milling companies, wheat breeders, and grain storage facilities. The new Alveolab® is the first  Alveograph instrument able to analyze whole wheat doughs for all rheological characteristics: tenacity,  extensibility, elasticity, and baking strength.  

Bread and baked snack producers are increasing their use of whole wheat flours to meet growing  consumer demand for healthier products. Formulations that include whole wheat and other wheat flours  include bran, with various sizes, which can negatively affect product quality. Rather than using guesswork  and repeated baking trials, bakers can use the Alveolab® to understand their doughs, enabling them to  evaluate the quality of incoming whole wheat flours, quickly test new recipes, and quickly adjust processes to provide brand-consistent products. 

“Prior to this innovation, traditional alveographs, which blow an air bubble into dough to perform  measurements according to industry standards, simply did not work with whole wheat doughs,” said Lionel  Bernard, General Manager CHOPIN Technologies, a product line of KPM Analytics. “This is because bran  particles tend to break the protein network, thus preventing bubble formation. After a long period of  research, our experts perfected new protocols that enable the Alveolab® to do what used to be impossible,”  he said.  

In addition to having unique capabilities for whole wheat doughs, the new Alveolab® includes upgrades in 

hardware and software for improved user experience. Also, now it can export data to users’ LIMS  (laboratory information management systems), allowing users to integrate results with data from other  systems. 

The new Alveolab® instrument is easy to use and requires little training. It is self-controlled with its own  cooling system, automatic water injection, and automatic positioning, crushing and blowing of the dough  patties. 

Existing customers may contact KPM Analytics regarding the possibility of upgrading existing Alveolab® models. 

About KPM Analytics 

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