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Gluten-free licorice, a daily wellness bar, and churro-inspired coffee are among this week’s new food and beverage products. 

Wiley Wallaby: Low Sugar Gluten Free Licorice

Photo: Wiley Wallaby

Wiley Wallaby announced the latest addition to its licorice product line — Low Sugar Gluten Free Licorice in Very Berry flavor. 

The new licorice is sweetened with allulose and stevia and contains no sugar alcohols, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial colors and flavors. Each serving has just 1 g of sugar and 5 g of fiber.

A 5.5 oz bag is available for $5.99. 

Big Little Bar: Daily Wellness Bar

Photo: Big Little Bar

Big Little Bar is introducing a daily wellness bar that contains 100% of the essential vitamins and omega-3s women need. 

The on-the-go, easy-to-eat bar targets three areas of wellness (brain, heart, and beauty) with 1,750 mg of omega-3s (specifically EPA and DHA), vitamins A and E, and biotin. 

Big Little Bar is available online, priced at $62.99 per pack of 20.

Local Bounti: Grab-and-Go Salads

Logo: Local Bounti

Indoor agriculture company Local Bounti is launching chef-inspired, grab-and-go salads in Poppy Power and Modern Greek varieties. 

The salads feature sustainably and locally grown lettuces that boast long-lasting freshness. Poppy Power combines Local Bounti’s Romaine Crisp and Bok Choy with cranberries, carrot and broccoli slaw, a variety of seeds, and poppy seed dressing. Modern Greek includes Romaine Crisp, tomatoes, feta, quinoa, red onion, chickpeas, olives, and Tzatziki dressing. 

The new salads arrive on store shelves in the Northwest this month. 

La Brea Bakery: Holiday Baked Goods

Photo: La Brea Bakery

La Brea Bakery is bringing back two limited-time holiday offerings — Cranberry Walnut Loaf and Take & Bake Holiday Savory Rolls. 

Cranberry Walnut Loaf features toasted walnuts and tart, slightly sweet cranberries, while Take & Bake Holiday Savory Rolls are made with sage, celery, thyme, and black and white pepper.

Both products will be available starting this month in stores nationwide.

International Delight: Cinnamon Churro Iced Coffee

Photo: International Delight

Inspired by fresh-made churros, Cinnamon Churro is the latest iced coffee flavor from International Delight

Fans of the popular dessert will love the creamy blend of sweet and spice in ready-to-drink iced coffee form. Like other International Delight products, the new coffee is made with real milk, cream, and cane sugar. 

Cinnamon Churro Iced Coffee is now available at major nationwide retailers, sold in 64-oz cartons for a suggested price of $4.59. 

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