French macarons with lavender flavor and fresh lavender flowers on a concrete background

Comforting colors, feel-good flavors, and unique food and beverage experiences will resonate most with consumers in the new year, according to ADM’s latest Flavor and Color Outlook. ADM anticipates that 2023 will be the year of self-expression, and the company identified four trends that are sure to stand out.

1. Relaxing brights and lights

With personal health and wellness on their minds, consumers will be turning to flavors and colors that help lighten the mood and promote relaxation. These may include warm, neutral shades paired with comforting vanilla, or the anticipated 2023 Color of the Year, Digital Lavender, paired with flavors from lavender, purple sweet potato, or purple fruits. 

2. Striking shades and fearless flavors 

Barbiecore, an intense pink, is stepping into the spotlight. The color’s vibrance plays well with unique flavors consumers are craving — such as dragon fruit, rosé, and pink florals — in baked goods, desserts, and beverages. Other colors to look out for include vivid shades of orange, blue, teal, and purple alongside bold flavors like blue raspberry and ube.

3. Deep dives into blues 

Blissful blues will help deliver the one-of-a-kind, adventurous experience consumers are seeking, particularly alongside fantasy flavors like mermaid and yeti. Enhanced by citrus, blue raspberry and blackberry also continue to be popular flavors in beverages, while peppermint, cotton candy, and birthday cake bring brightness to sweets.

4. Wellness inside and out

Wellness, both physical and emotional, is at the heart of consumer food and beverage trends, favoring flavors and colors that lift the spirits. A range of orange shades, fruits like mango and citrus, and fresh flavors like mint and botanicals reflect this life and energy. But it’s not just about personal wellness — consumers are interested in bettering their communities and the environment, so they’ll also look for colors and flavors with sustainable characteristics. 

For more on these trends, see ADM’s full report.

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