Cabinplant at IPPE 2023 in Georgia, USA: Multibatcher/Multihead Weigher to Reduce Giveaway and Labor Costs

Cabinplant A/S, global supplier of tailor-made food processing, weighing, and packaging solutions and a CTB Inc. subsidiary, displays the fully automatic multihead weigher MHW SF Extreme for sticky ingredients at IPPE 2023 in their US hometown of Atlanta, GA.

Highlights at IPPE 2023:     

  • Multihead Weigher with unique patented screw-feeder technology for weighing of sticky poultry meat
  • New generation multihead weigher: The fully automatic MHW Extreme facilitates weighing and packaging of sticky products, ideal for fixed weight labelling without costly giveaway
  • Multibatcher – innovative food weighing technology that reduces giveaway and labor costs significantly when it comes to weighing and batching sizable portions (box packing)

Fully automatic MHW Extreme: Weighing/packaging of extremely sticky products

The Multihead Weigher SF Extreme from Cabinplant solves the problems of sticky ingredients in ready-to-eat meals from automated plants. It combines the company’s well-known screw-feeder combination weigher with an innovative scraper/weighing pan design and a revised processing solution for easy filling/packaging of the food into trays on the conveyor belt.

The SF Extreme fully automates the dosing and packaging of fixed-weight portioning of sticky ingredients such as diced vegetables, onion rings, rice, pasta, tuna fish, mayonnaise, yogurt, etc. The solution has a remarkably high weighing accuracy, thus minimizing giveaway.

The changeover of the SF Extreme is down to 5-10 minutes, allowing for the production of small batches with frequent changes in recipes and portion sizes. Products like ready-to-eat meals can be packed in plastic trays, standing bags, etc.

Boosting productivity, reducing labor costs

The MHW SF Extreme reduces the needed operator resources by 60-70 per cent due to the high degree of automation, and thanks to the compact design it fits into most existing production lines.

– The MHW SF Extreme brings a significant productivity boost to automated plants for fixed-weight products containing extremely sticky product mixes and can reduce labor force vulnerability significantly, states Michael Falck Schmidt, Sales Director at Cabinplant, and he continues:

– The solution meets the booming convenience food market and the retail industry’s demand for fixed-priced and portioned products without passing on the bill for the giveaway to the producers.

Multiple target weighing adds flexibility

The MHW with screw feeding functionality facilitates single or multiple weighing and targets problems with ingredients of uneven weight. Cabinplant’s multiple target system can be set to work with one, two or multiple weighing targets of products in the finished packages.

For example, the solution simultaneously can weigh 1.0 lbs and 3.0 lbs packages. This also helps reduce giveaway dramatically because products that do not fit 1.0 lbs packages are instead used for 3.0 lbs portions. This solution offers greater flexibility than before.

Cabinplant Multibatcher: Box packing in the fast lane

The Multibatcher is an automatic high-speed solution for weighing/packing of sizable portions of up to 75 lbs. It is the first batcher based on combinatorial weighing and an alternative to conventional batching with high tolerances and manual processes. The Multibatcher has the potential to reduce both giveaway and costs through precision and speed.

The raw materials are weighed into partial portions in pans which are combined into batches with giveaway down to 0.25-0.7%. This is a remarkably prominent level of accuracy compared to solutions like batching based on the top-up principle.

– The Multibatcher provides significant savings. The giveaway can be reduced with up to 2000 lbs of meat daily for a processing line running two shifts and based on 3.5 oz or less giveaway per portion, says Michael Falck Schmidt, Global Sales Director at Cabinplant.

The Multibatcher processes up to 15 batches per minute in batches of 1-75 lbs. The solution is tailor-made and can be fitted into existing packing lines or used as a stand-alone unit. The solution is suitable for large high-value products, including meat, meat by-products, and poultry products where the reduction of give-away will have a significant impact on the bottom line.

About Cabinplant

Cabinplant is a leading global provider of tailor-made processing solutions for the food industry. Focus areas are fish & seafood, fruit & vegetables, meat & poultry, and convenience foods. Additionally, Cabinplant provides multihead weighing and packaging solutions for a wide range of industries. In close cooperation with the customers, Cabinplant develops, manufactures, and markets innovative and complete food processing and weighing, and packaging lines as well as single machines with built-in knowledge that optimizes yield, throughput, and product quality.

Cabinplant is a global company with headquarters in Haarby, Denmark, and employs more than 300 people. Subsidiaries in Germany, Spain, Poland, and the USA as well as a sales network of agents in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Founded in 1969 Cabinplant celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019. In 2016, the American industrial company CTB, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company, took over 80 per cent of Cabinplant’s shares to back up further expansion, including developing new products and partnerships.

The Multibatcher is an automatic high-speed weighing and batching solution for large portions up to 75 lbs, that reduces give-away and labour costs significantly
Nothing sticks and stops with Cabinplant’s MHW SF Extreme – ideal for portioning of fixed weight ready-to-eat meals and processing of small batches with frequent changes in recipes and portion sizes.
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