FMCG’s Reflect On The Year That Was And Unveil The Products That Shook The Industry

  • Nitro Pepsi named 2022 Product Hero of the year at MMR’s highly anticipated End of Year Show

LONDON, UK: From “dairy-free” dairy products to plant-based meat alternatives, the food and beverage industry has seen some ground-breaking product innovations that have left many FMCG tastemakers questioning what could be next for the industry. At their annual End of Year Show, global consumer research and sensory research agency, MMR Research Worldwide talked all things of product innovation, industry trends and their list of 10 Product Heroes that broke category boundaries in 2022.

  1. Favorite Day Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts

After taking a backseat during the pandemic, private label made a comeback this year. As a result of increased inflation, more consumers are now purchasing store brands. Target’s dairy-free dessert line, Favorite Day, stands out as a perfect example of a store leading the way with a wide product selection in a developing niche.


The Nue Co.’s Mind Energy, marketed as a fragrance supplement, uses the human olfactory system to activate neutral neural pathways and induce mood changes. According to the company’s own research, 86% of participants reported feeling more concentrated after using the product.


Unilever’s biggest upgrade in 30 years, Sure Nonstop Protection has Motion Sense technology, which emits an explosion of aroma whenever the wearer moves.


Mondelez has managed to bring OERO even closer to people’s needs for comfort and delight by developing products that are recognizable, inexpensive, and a little more decadent. Their iconic cookie sandwich will be made using Oreo biscuits that feature a snickerdoodle flavour, with a cinnamon-flavoured crème centre combined with crunchy red and green sugar crystals.



More individuals are becoming aware of the benefits of functional fungus for the body and mind. This unique mushroom gin is composed of maitake, shiitake, chamomile, green coriander, and white pine. It’s specialised, but it champions useful mushrooms in a novel way.


The pioneer in early life nutrition, Danone, is now leading the way with a range of products specifically designed to promote healthy ageing. The products serve Asian market and feature a probiotic fibre power drink for gut and immune health, a multi-protein drink for mobility and an evening powder drink for sleep and brain health.


This product is the result of a process known as precision fermentation that copies a protein found in cow’s milk to create this animal-free dairy cream cheese product, supported by General Mills.

  1. CLEAN O2

This Canadian soap manufacturer [CleanO2] has outdone themselves by producing a soap through capturing carbon dioxide emissions from heating systems that use natural gas making their products carbon negative.  The soap is available in seven different variants that are enriched with coconut milk and aloe.


The first-ever nitrogen-infused cola, Nitro Pepsi, is more than simply a beverage; it’s an adventure. This item has a smooth texture, a captivating cascade of small bubbles, and a smooth, frothy foam top. A very smooth and creamy feel is produced right away with the first sip thanks to a special widget technology incorporated into every can.


Outdoorable is a line of fabric softeners that will give your house the wonderful fresh-air scent of clothing that has been dried outside while also preventing the accumulation of musty and damp odours. According to P&G, Outdoorable “changes the game” for indoor drying and we agree!

Commenting on this year’s product hero’s industry poll, Chief Ideas Officer at MMR, Andrew Wardlaw said, “It’s clear that viewers recognise the importance of product theatre in 2022 when deciding upon their ultimate product hero. Nitro Pepsi has cut through as the clear winner in our viewers poll and was previously showcased in our own Making Impact webinar series as a great example of innovation in the future.” Viewers were treated to the unique opportunity of voting for the overall product hero of the year during an industry poll, where Nitro Pepsi came out on top with a staggering 26% votes. Hot on the heels of Nitro Pepsi were The Nue Co. with 16% of the votes and Bold Cultr who raked in 12% of the votes.

“Celebrating creativity, bravery and ingenuity is one thing I always look forward to which is what I believe we were able to achieve through our End of Year Show. Apart from our 2022 Product Heroes winners, we were also able to learn how AI boosts the creative process and how CPG’s can market to their consumers while remaining authentic. I certainly cannot wait to see how brands use what we have shared to develop more captivating and innovative products,” adds chief impact officer at MMR, Susannah Croucher.

CPGs can sign up here to catch up on MMR’s End of Year Show to learn more about how they can create more memorable product experiences in 2023 and beyond.

About MMR:

As global leaders in consumer and sensory research across the full innovation journey, MMR champions product and pack – with a mission to deepen emotional experiences between brands and consumers across all moments of truth. MMR applies unique, powerful research tools – many tailored to suit individual client needs – to amplify brand messaging, creating greater impact in store and more engaging experiences for consumers. Proudly independent, MMR Research Worldwide operates globally with offices in UK, USA, China, Brazil, Singapore, India, Thailand, Colombia, South Africa and now the Netherlands.

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