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Fast Company’s annual Most Innovative Companies list is here, featuring 540 companies across 54 categories (10 top companies per category) that are transforming their industries and communities with fresh ideas and groundbreaking products. 

MrBeast topped the food category this year for launching and promoting the better-for-you snacking brand Feastables with successful, stunt-filled online content. Tazo, which completely transformed its supply chain to support regenerative farming practices, took the second spot. 

Within the consumer goods category, Empirical came out on top for creating a new type of alcohol called freeform, which uses vacuums for low-temperature distillation. Kraft Heinz was next in line with its plant-based product innovations.

The agriculture category featured innovators like the first carbon-neutral food company Neutral Foods and Do Good Foods, which is fighting food waste with upcycled chicken feed.

Food companies were represented among some of the other 54 categories as well, including Chobani, which made the list under corporate social responsibility for its Unstuck initiative to promote hiring refugees. And upcycled fruit snack company Rind Snacks was among the most innovative companies with less than 10 employees.

See the full list to explore other trailblazing companies in the food industry and beyond. 

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