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Are you looking to catch up on the latest food and beverage industry news? Our top 5 articles for May explore how digital technology can help manufacturers become more agile and resilient, look at how the latest X-ray technology can reduce production costs and food waste, and highlight the Top 50 Companies for Diversity.

#1. How Digital Technology Helps F&B Manufacturers Become More Agile and More Resilient

The COVID-19 pandemic served as a catalyst to hasten the industry’s digital transformation, and prompted manufacturers to take a close look at their operations to better prepare for the unexpected. The article highlights how digital technologies can support this effort to become more agile and resilient.

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#2. A New Approach to Reducing Food Waste – And Production Costs

Guest author Richard Parmee takes a closer look at packaging as an avenue to lower production costs and food waste. The latest X-ray technology can detect even the smallest leaks in packaging, as well as handle non-transparent packaging and pack colors that are similar.

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#3. Plant-Based Foods Achieve 6.6% Sales Growth in 2022, Reaching 60% of U.S. Households

Plant-based food products have had a successful year under inflationary pressures, with sales reaching $8 billion in 2022, an increase of 6.6%. Plant-based creamers, eggs, protein powders, ready-to-drink beverages, and dips and spreads all experienced growth last year.

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#4. Ingredient Agility: The Cornerstone of CPG Supply Chain Success

Guest author Greg Heartman discusses the importance of ingredient agility, particularly in crisis moments, and shares how food and beverage brands are updating their supply chains to future-proof operations.

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#5. DiversityInc Recognizes The Hershey Company and Kellogg Company in 2023 Top Companies for Diversity List

DiversityInc recently published its 2023 list of the Top 50 Companies for Diversity this year. The Hershey Company, which came in at #3, and Kellogg Company, which came in at #26, were the only two food and beverage companies featured. Both companies have been on the list for several consecutive years.

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