SunOpta and Seven Sundays
Photo: SunOpta and Seven Sundays

The week’s new products include cereal made with upcycled oat protein powder, allergy-friendly graham crackers, and plant-based cream cheese. 

De Nigris 1889: Sweet Rosé Vinegar

Photo: De Nigris 1889

De Nigris 1889 introduced Sweet Rosé Vinegar to its line of sweet wine vinegars.

Sweet Rosé Vinegar is made with Ancellotta grapes and combines fruity, floral rosé wine with the bittersweet notes of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. It will be available for purchase in stores nationwide and online for the suggested price of $6.99 per 500ml bottle. 

Blue Diamond: Thin Dipped Almonds

Photo: Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond announced the launch of Thin Dipped Almonds in Double Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel varieties. 

The new products have 50% less sugar than the average chocolate-covered almonds, with one serving (approximately 19 almonds) containing 170 calories and 5 grams of protein. They are also high in Vitamin E and free of cholesterol, artificial colors or flavors, and shiny wax or gloss finish.

Thin Dipped Almonds will be available at Walmart in 4-ounce bags.

SunOpta and Seven Sundays: Oat Protein Cereal

Photo: SunOpta and Seven Sundays

SunOpta partnered with Seven Sundays to launch the first-ever Oat Protein Cereal made with SunOpta’s OatGold in four flavors — Simply Honey, Super Fruity, Maple Cinnamon, and Chocolate Sea Salt. 

A byproduct of oatmilk production, OatGold is a nutrient-rich upcycled oat protein powder, giving the new cereal 5 grams of upcycled plant-based protein per serving. The cereal is also gluten-free and Non-GMO Project Verified, and it contains no artificial or natural flavors or high-intensity sweeteners. It’s lightly sweetened with natural sources like dates and organic maple syrup.

The new product is available for purchase through major retailers nationwide, as well as online through Amazon and the Seven Sundays website.

Oatly: Plant-Based Cream Cheese

Photo: Oatly

Oatly recently announced the launch of its plant-based cream cheese in Plain and Chive & Onion varieties.

The dairy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO cream cheese was developed by food scientists at Oatly’s Philadelphia research and development lab. It’s made from Oatly’s proprietary oat base and delivers a creamy, spreadable texture. 

Both varieties will be rolling out to nationwide retailers in 8-ounce package sizes. 

Partake Foods: Classic Graham Crackers

Photo: Partake

Partake Foods recently released its new allergy-friendly Classic Graham Crackers.

The graham crackers are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and free of the top 9 allergens. They offer a hint of cinnamon and a size that’s perfect for smores and portable snacks.

The new product will be available this month for the suggested price of $5.49 per 6.75-ounce box at Target stores nationwide and online through Imperfect Foods and World Market. 

Bigelow Tea: New Tea Varieties

Photo: Bigelow Tea

Bigelow Tea is launching three new flavors in its Signature Line of teas — Peak Energy Black Tea plus extra L-Theanine and Caffeine, Whispering Wildflowers Herbal Tea plus L-Theanine, and Ginger Honey Herbal Tea plus Zinc. 

The new teas offer a flavorful taste and functional benefits. They’re available for purchase in stores and through the brand’s website for the average suggested retail price of $3.49 per box.

Jeng: Sparkling THC Cocktails

Photo: Jeng

Non-alcoholic beverage maker Jeng announced a new line of ready-to-drink sparkling THC cocktails in four flavors — Spicy Blood Orange Margarita, Rhubarb Cucumber Spritz, Paloma, and Moscow Mule. 

The new beverages are microdosed with 3mg of legal hemp-derived THC and 6mg of CBD. They’re available for $20 per pack of four. 

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