At Pack Expo Las Vegas, Wipotec to Debut Checkweigher for Volatile Aerosol Production, as Well as Versatile New X-ray Scanner

HC-A-EX Checkweigher provides precision checkweighing in environments at risk of explosion incidents; SC-S 5020 X-ray Scanner offers multifaceted inspection for F&B containers, including exacting microleak detection.

Lawrenceville, GA Wipotec, a leading manufacturer and supplier of precision in-motion weighing, track and trace/anti-counterfeiting solutions and X-Ray scanning equipment, will introduce two state-of-the-art inspection machines at Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth SU-8027, September 11-13. The company will premiere one unit for each of its specialties: precision checkweighing and X-ray enabled inspection.

Wipotec’s HC-A-EX Checkweigher is designed for precision checkweighing in manufacturing environments where a mix of gases or flammable substances brings moderate risk for explosion incidents. The machine meets requirements for ATEX, an EU Directive mandating safeguards in these production scenarios. Among other features, the HC-A-EX accomplishes this by nickel-coating all conveyor belts, which helps diminish adverse conductivity.

Specializing in cans and other aerosol containers, the modular HC-A-EX can handle more than 300 items per minute. In a niche where container weights can be exceedingly light, the unit is nonetheless capable of exacting checkweighing via Wipotec’s precision Electro-Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) technology, which enables extremely short settling times to deliver fast, accurate and repeatable weighing results. The HC-A-EX is equipped with a wide range of options, including lateral side grip conveyors or separation of rotary star wheels from separating screws, as well as several ejection and control technology features.

Also at Pack Expo, Wipotec will debut the SC-S 5020 X-ray Scanner, specifically designed for leak detection in filled and sealed glass bottles and jars used in food & beverage applications. In addition to detecting micro-leaks as tiny as 0.1mm, the unit can provide foreign body detection, fill level check and confirmation of proper screw cap or lid closure. The system enables optimum product handling – even for tall and/or slender containers – at throughput rates up to 60,000 products per hour.

Easily integrated into existing filling lines without the need for opening an additional transport route, the SC-S 5020 features ejectors capable of sorting faulty products into lockable rejection bins, or conveying them upright into a sort lane. Like all Wipotec X-ray scanners, the machine comes with a user-friendly operator interface highlighted by a 15” color touchscreen that displays real-time inspection statistics.

About Wipotec

Wipotec, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of precision in-motion product weighing, X-Ray scanning, product inspection, parcel dimensioning, package marking, and serialization and aggregation equipment. The company’s weighing, inspection, and track and trace solutions serve applications in a broad array of industries, including pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetics, healthcare, e-commerce and logistics.

Located in the Atlanta, GA suburb of Lawrenceville, Wipotec headquarters includes a demonstration showroom, customer application engineering labs, a spare parts warehouse, and state-of-the-art meeting and training rooms. The company is part of Germany-based Wipotec group, which employs more than 1,000 people worldwide and has been pioneering dynamic weighing solutions for more than three decades. For more information, call (678) 344-8300 or visit

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