Photo: Eggo

Fall flavored beverages, fruity snack bars, and brunch-inspired liqueur are among this week’s new food and beverage products. 

CanDo: Yuzu Lemon Bar

Photo: CanDo

CanDo just launched its new Yuzu Lemon bar, a snack bar flavored with yuzu, mandarin orange, and lemon.

The plant-based, gluten-free lemon bar pairs well with sparkling water or coffee and makes a great mid-day or after-dinner treat. 

The Yuzu Lemon bar is now available for purchase through the brand’s website. 

Chobani: Oatmilk Pumpkin Spice

Photo: Chobani

Chobani is readying for autumn with its new Oatmilk Pumpkin Spice.

The pumpkin spice flavored oatmilk is made with whole grain oats and is vegan, a good source of calcium, and dairy- and lactose-free. It joins Chobani’s pumpkin spice Greek yogurts and coffee creamers, which are returning for the fall season. 

While supplies last, Oatmilk Pumpkin Spice is available for the suggested price of $4.29.

Angry Orchard: Fireside Mix Pack

Photo: Angry Orchard

Angry Orchard has its own fall-flavored release — Fireside Mix Pack, a new, exclusively-apple variety pack of the brand’s hard cider beverages. The four flavors in the variety pack include Crisp Apple, Cinnful Apple, Green Apple, and Natural Baked Apple Pie. 

For a limited time, the Fireside Mix Pack will be available at nationwide retailers.

Eggo: Brunch in a Jar Sippin’ Cream

Photo: Eggo

In time for National Waffle Day, Eggo partnered with Sugarlands Distilling Co. to craft its new Eggo Brunch in a Jar Sippin’ Cream. 

The creamy alcoholic liqueur offers the classic brunch flavors of toasted Eggo waffles, maple syrup and butter, and a hint of smoky bacon.

Eggo Brunch in a Jar will be available at select retailers nationwide and online in select states.

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