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Portrait of senior factory worker wearing lab coat explaining rules to female trainee and pointing up while standing in clean production workshop of modern plant, copy space

Most frontline workers (94%) are willing to go the extra mile for their company’s success, according to the 2023 Workplace Culture Report from Kahoot!. But they need more opportunities to prove their motivation and dedication. 

The vast majority (93%) of the 1,626 full-time frontline workers who participated in the survey expressed a desire to keep learning and developing their skills at work, and 87% are confident about their ability to acquire new skills. Such opportunities would also convince them to stay with their employer longer — 64% would stay at least an extra six years and 44% would add another decade or more to their employment.

Only 9% of the surveyed workers had no interest in advancing their careers, with the rest aspiring to upskill in their current role (26%), move into other departments or roles within the company (20%), pursue a management or supervisor position (19%), or work their way to the executive/C-suite level (18%).

Despite this ambition, many frontline employees feel that their company isn’t helping them progress. More than three in 10 (32%) believe their employer isn’t investing enough in their growth, and 25% say they’re left to develop knowledge and skills on their own. Nearly half (48%) perceive disparities in training opportunities between frontline and corporate employees. 

According to surveyed frontline workers, employers can best support their professional development through:

  • Regular training sessions and workshops (38%)
  • Constructive feedback and guidance (37%)
  • Access to online learning resources (32%)
  • Clear career advancement paths (32%)
  • Regular check-ins focused on career development (26%)

For more insights on what frontline workers are looking for in terms of learning and development opportunities, see the full report

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