Frustrated Senior Spouses In Kitchen Checking Bills After Grocery Shopping

In light of current economic conditions, nearly three-quarters (72%) of consumers are changing their grocery shopping habits, according to the results of a new survey from Divert, Inc. 

Not surprisingly, grocery prices are the driving force behind changing behaviors. One in four consumers are worrying more about whether they’ll be able to afford food within the next three to six months. And 51% of survey respondents report cutting back in other areas to cover grocery costs. 

Other ways consumers have been dealing with grocery prices include:

  • Shopping for more discounted food (76%)
  • Shopping at lower-cost food retailers (58%)
  • Purchasing less food at a time (42%)
  • Buying less fresh food (30%)

Not wanting to waste food, 17% of respondents said they’re eating more food that’s past its prime. Having to throw out food is a major concern — 63% are disposing of more food than they want to. 

The majority of respondents (85%) believe food insecurity has worsened since the onset of the pandemic, with 63% saying it’s at higher levels (16%+) than reported by the USDA (12%+). 

See the full report for more insights into consumer grocery shopping behaviors this holiday season. 

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