This week’s new food and beverage products include low and no carb tortillas, gluten-free cheese snacks, and the return of two iconic cookie cereals.

Post Consumer Brands: MEGA STUF OREO O’s and CHIPS AHOY! Cereal

For a limited time only, Post Consumer Brands is bringing back MEGA STUF OREO O’s and CHIPS AHOY! cereal. 

Both cookie cereals will be available at Walmart while supplies last.

La Tortilla Factory: Carb Cutting Tortilla Line

Photo: La Tortilla Factory

La Tortilla Factory is introducing a new line of Carb Cutting tortillas, including a zero net carb flour tortilla, a 4 net carb whole wheat tortilla, and a 4 net carb flour tortilla.

There are just 60 calories per tortilla, no hydrogenated oils, and no added sugar. 

The Carb Cutting line is available for purchase online and at retailers including Walmart, CostCo, and Kroger. 

D’Arrigo California: Baby Gem Lettuce

Photo: D’Arrigo California

D’Arrigo California announced the addition of a new baby gem lettuce to its Andy Boy label.  

The new lettuce blends the ideal qualities of romaine and butter lettuces for a dense, crunchy texture and sweet, buttery taste. 

Andy Boy Baby Gem Lettuce is available nationwide in 2-count, 3-count, and 42-count liner pack sizes.

Health-Ade: New Kombucha Flavors

Photo: Health-Ade

Health-Ade introduced three new kombucha flavors in time for National Kombucha Day (January 15) — Guava Dragon Fruit, Mango Lemonade, and Tropical Pineapple.

Once a seasonal offering, Health-Ade has made Guava Dragon Fruit part of its permanent lineup. Mango Lemonade is a new addition to the brand’s rotating seasonal flavors, and Tropical Pineapple is the new name of the brand’s Tropical Punch flavor.

34 Degrees: Mates Puffed Cheese Crisps

Photo: 34 Degrees

34 Degrees announced the launch of Mates, a new line of gluten-free puffed cheese snacks, including three varieties — Original, Rosemary Garlic, and Caramelized Onion.

Made with real, premium gouda cheese, the Mates line packs a big cheese taste into a light cracker crunch. All varieties are Certified Gluten-Free and nut-free. Each serving contains 5 grams of protein and 130 calories.

Mates will be available at Thrive Market and the brand’s website for $5.99 per bag. 

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