Chia seed pudding with almond milk and fresh mango topping on the background of the pool.

From reinventing sourdough recipes to trying new tea drinks, consumers are seeking culinary inspiration to kick off their summer. Pinterest’s Summer 2024 Trend Report found that searches for “fun things to cook” jumped by 1060%, while “summer special recipes” increased 135% on the platform, indicating a growing desire for new and exciting taste experiences.

Mango and avocado were trending ingredients in the search for fresh, healthy recipes. Mango floats (+3,700%), mango sago (+260%), and mango chia seed pudding (+210%) ranked among Pinterest user favorites for mango recipes. And as many users looked for “ways to eat avocado” (+120%), surging recipe searches included avocado bread (+360%), avocado dessert (+180%), and avocado shake (+130%).

Consumers are also experimenting with new formats for sourdough, with searches increasing the most for sourdough bagels (+300%) and chocolate sourdough (+270%). In addition, sourdough tortillas, croutons, and cinnamon raisin sourdough bread each experienced a 200% increase in searches.

As the weather heats up, users seem to be favoring tea drinks over coffee — searches soared for tea beverages like Persian tea (+550%), matcha milk tea (+170%), and strawberry ice tea (105%).

Consumers are looking for ways to entertain with food this summer, too. “Themed dinner party” ideas experienced a 44% boost, with popular searches including fairy dinner party (+150%), Greek dinner party (+75%), Chinese dinner party (+70%), and coastal dinner party (+70%).

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