“Labeling Sucks” Campaign Emphasizes FSMA 204 Compliance Championed by Polymer Fusion Labeling

Polyfuze Graphics Corporation Announces Innovative Labeling Solution to Meet FSMA 204 Traceability Mandate

Clarkdale, AZ – May 2024 – Building on the success of our “Labeling Sucks” campaign at NPE 2024, Polyfuze Graphics® Corporation is excited to highlight how our Polymer Fusion Labeling technology can help companies meet the stringent requirements of FSMA 204. This innovative labeling solution offers permanent, tamper-proof labels that ensure compliance and enhance food safety.

“Labeling Sucks” Campaign Resonates with Industry Professionals

The provocative “Labeling Sucks” campaign, introduced at the NPE 2024 plastics trade show, addressed common frustrations with traditional labeling methods. The campaign underscored the limitations of conventional labels, such as peeling, fading, and susceptibility to environmental factors, which can compromise traceability and compliance.

FSMA 204 Compliance: A New Era in Food Safety

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) 204 mandates comprehensive traceability for certain foods, requiring companies to maintain detailed records of Key Data Elements (KDEs) for each Critical Tracking Event (CTE). This rule enhances the ability to quickly trace and recall products, ensuring swift responses during public health investigations.

Polymer Fusion Labeling: The Ultimate Solution for Traceability

Why Traditional Labeling “Sucks”:

  • Microbial Contamination: Traditional pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) labels can harbor bacteria, posing a risk of foodborne illness. The adhesive and materials used in these labels can create environments where microbes thrive, leading to contamination and health risks.
  • Environmental Degradation: Labels that peel or degrade over time can become sites for microbial growth. This poses a significant risk in food safety, as these microbes can transfer onto food products, compromising their safety and integrity.
  • Difficulty in Cleaning: PSA labels often have textured surfaces or crevices that protect bacteria from cleaning efforts, making thorough sanitization difficult.

Why Polymer Fusion Labeling is the Answer:

  • Permanent and Tamper-Proof: Polymer Fusion Labels are fused into the substrate, creating a permanent, tamper-proof solution that remains intact throughout the product’s lifecycle, ensuring continuous traceability.
  • Resistant to Environmental Factors: These labels are impervious to moisture, heat, and chemicals, ensuring they remain legible and intact under all conditions.
  • Enhanced Traceability: The permanent nature of Polymer Fusion Labels ensures that critical traceability information is always accessible, facilitating efficient recalls and public health investigations.
  • BioCote® Technology: Integration of BioCote® antimicrobial technology provides additional protection by preventing microbial growth on the label surface, further ensuring food safety.

Success at NPE 2024: Industry Recognition

The “Labeling Sucks” campaign not only drew significant attention but also sparked meaningful conversations about the future of labeling in the plastics and food industries. Industry professionals recognized the value of a permanent labeling solution in meeting evolving regulatory demands and ensuring product integrity.

Recent Webinar on FSMA 204

Polyfuze Graphics Corporation recently hosted an insightful webinar with a FSMA 204 professional, discussing the implications of the new traceability requirements and how Polymer Fusion Labeling can help companies achieve compliance. To watch the webinar and gain valuable insights into FSMA 204 compliance, please visit: Watch the Webinar.

Looking Ahead: Ensuring Compliance and Safety

As the deadline for FSMA 204 compliance approaches, Polyfuze Graphics Corporation is committed to supporting companies in their efforts to enhance food safety and traceability. Our Polymer Fusion Labeling technology stands out as a robust solution that addresses the challenges of traditional labeling methods, ensuring that companies can confidently meet regulatory requirements and protect public health.

About Polyfuze Graphics Corporation

Polyfuze Graphics Corporation, based in Clarkdale, Arizona, specializes in advanced labeling technologies for polyolefin thermoplastics. Our innovative solutions are designed to meet the needs of Original Brand Manufacturers (OBMs), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), corporate end-users, and custom molders, providing durable and permanent labels that enhance product traceability and compliance.


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