Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Food Industry Webinars & Online Events

Ransomware: Preparation & Response for Critical Infrastructure

Ever since the now-infamous WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware variants indiscriminately infected millions of devices worldwide just four years ago, ransomware has grown alarmingly more targeted, prevalent, and destructive—particularly in critical infrastructure sectors. Unsurprisingly, this escalation of attacks against industrial targets comes with new challenges for the security and risk decision-makers tasked with preserving the availability, […]

Digital Insights for Industrial Innovation

Join us for our first AVEVA PI World Digital AVEVA PI World Digital will be a three-day virtual event held across three time zones: Singapore Time (SGT), Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), and Central European Time (CET). Attend to learn more about how AVEVA and OSIsoft have come together to help customers progress digital transformation in their industrial operations. Whether you're […]

Key Drivers to Consumer Acceptance of Ag and Food Technology

What causes consumers to either accept or reject technology when it comes to food production? New research from The Center for Food Integrity (CFI) identifies key drivers of acceptance and rejection, providing insights on how the broader food chain can earn trust in technology. Join CFI CEO Charlie Arnot as he details the findings in […]

Future Restaurants Virtual Event

Restaurants. Reimagined. This past year and a half have been nothing short of challenging. Just when we figured out our favorite Zoom background and how to wear sweatpants with work shirts, the real world is opening up again. The Future Restaurants Virtual Event of 2021 brings together senior-level executives from every facet of the restaurant […]

How Will Big Data and AI Change Poultry Growing?

Relatively inexpensive sensors, widespread use of IoT technologies, cloud computing, AI and machine learning are making it possible to gather and analyze data from all the poultry houses in a complex. But how will poultry growers and integrated companies use this data improve their operations, bird welfare and the overall sustainability of the industry? How […]

How -omics, Digitalization Will Change the Poultry Industry

Alexandra Smith, Ph.D., manager of microbial ecology and genetics, Arm and Hammer, will share insights on the future of poultry gut microbiome control. Mark Fife, Ph.D., head of biotechnology, Aviagen will present about the possibilities and hurdles facing CRISPR and other genomic techniques for poultry. Join us for a discussion of CRISPR techniques and what potential […]

“Real Time IoT Cold Chain and beyond….. What technology is available out there and what to look for”

We’re excited to welcome Alex Guillen, Director Life Science and Pharma at Tive Inc. as our first presenter of the year. Alex is also a Board member of Switrace SA and former Global Cold Chain Director, Fisher Clinical Services and several roles over 15 years in the pharmaceutical cold chain, building businesses and operations, including Director Commercial […]

Sani-Matic’s SaniTrend™ Cloud – Improving Cleaning System Efficiencies with Online Data Reporting

From Sani-Matic: Are you still using manual methods or paper chart recorders on your CIP or COP systems, but interested in a more efficient and complete data recording solution? Join us LIVE and learn about Sani-Matic's SaniTrend™ Cloud, an Online Data Reporting Platform that pairs with any Sani-Matic automated CIP or COP system to automatically capture critical […]

When MRP Is Not Enough: Advanced Requirements Planning

Register for the webinar here From Food Processing: Maybe you have ERP (enterprise resource planning) maybe you've long had MRP (material requirements planning) or PRP (production requirements planning). But it's time you upgraded to ARP: Advanced Requirements Planning. Like your cellphone, your personal computer and your television, technology marches on and the latest editions really […]

Streamline End-to-End Packaging Creation and Artwork Proofing with PLM

Register for the webinar here From Centric Software: Discover the Out-of-the-Box Solution That Optimizes Packaging. Getting packaging and artwork right is as important as it is challenging, and adapting to changing trends only adds to the complexity. This is why food and beverage businesses need a tech solution that centralizes everything packaging and artwork related […]

Building Intelligent Cloud Solutions to Deliver Real-Time Industrial Data

Register for the webinar here From AVEVA: Easier access to their customers’ operations data is helping equipment manufacturers and industrial service providers deliver valuable, new digital services. The high performance data platforms that have historically provided real-time operations data to on-site engineers are now available in the cloud to deliver relevant data to a wider […]