Enterprise cloud computing pioneered by Salesforce and Amazon Web Services has been around for over a decade. With the advent of Web 2.0, however, cloud technology has developed exponentially and is becoming increasingly useful in all kinds of industries, including food manufacturing.

Mika Javanainen, Director of Product Management at M-Files Corporation, recently shared his thoughts with FoodManufacturing.com about the best kind of cloud technology for the food and beverage industry.

Javanainen encourages use of a hybrid cloud infrastructure, citing Gartner’s prediction that it’s what 50 percent of enterprises will be using by 2018. He highlights the hybrid’s architectural flexibility to meet both operational and compliance requirements of enterprise information management (EIM).

In a hybrid environment, Javanainen says, “organizations can connect private or public cloud-based solutions with on-premises systems . . . if there is a need to maintain specific content on-premises for operational or compliances reasons but the organization wants to leverage the cloud for sharing non-confidential information with suppliers.”

Javanainen’s admonishments to food manufacturers revolve around security and compliance:

  • Keep data secure across all areas, from infrastructure to application
  • Adhere to various regional information management rules
  • Ensure connectivity between cloud and on-premise systems (eliminate information silos, reduce the number of viable vendors)
  • Make compliance your top priority, keeping confidential information safe and private

Agility is the final key in a rapidly changing IT world, says Javanainen. Hybrid cloud configurations offer flexible, scalable options that can grow and change with your company’s needs. The hybrid cloud is also a budget-friendly, yet powerful way to keep pace with increasing industry demands.

Dave Cartwright at The Register offers more information on the hybrid cloud.

Source: Food Manufacturing. The Hybrid Cloud and Information Management: A Practical Option for Food Manufacturers.


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