The diet industry has a new name, according to NPR’s The Salt. That name is “health.” An October Mintel report explains that “Consumers are somewhat skeptical about diet products, and instead of purchasing traditional diet-specific products, they are turning to a well-balanced diet and products that support it.”

Mintel analyst Marissa Gilbert says that dieting in the traditional sense may be over, due to an array of factors: disillusionment with the diet industry, greater acceptance of a wider range of body types, and growing movements toward sustainability, animal welfare, DIY, and whole foods consumption.

Clean eating plans like the Whole 30 aim to “reset [our] metabolism and reshape [our] relationship with food.” It makes sense, then, that leaders in the food industry might rebrand or rework products within the context of this newfound relationship.

Source: NPR. The Salt. Diet Foods are Tanking. So the Diet Industry is Now Selling Health.

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