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Advancements in technology are beginning to strongly impact the food industry. Automation, robotics, and the Internet of Things all change the way we work and the skills our work requires.

New products are constantly becoming available for food and beverage applications in processing packaging, software, instrumentation, and material handling. Here are three recent offerings to help improve line productivity.

Temperature Data Loggers

Temperature The OM-21 temperature data logger is a single-use, time-based monitor that measures food products in transit. The logger is user-programmable with language selection, sampling interval, start delay, alarm delay, temperature units, alarm range, alarm type, password, and user name. It’s compact, lightweight, waterproof, and flat. Upon completing its log, it plugs into a USB port and generates a PDF with data summary, graph, and tabular results. A pack of 10 costs $230.

LED Fixtures and “Smashingly Durable” Fans

If your light fixtures or fans are breaking down, it’s Big-Ass fans to the rescue (“need a lumenoscopy?”). Their LED fixtures use filters to customize light distribution, from 30 degrees for directing light into narrow spaces, to 100 degrees for diffusing light across large, open areas. LEDs are capable of 20,700 lumens and available in 9,050- and 14,500-lumen configurations. Big-Ass also makes mobile and vertical fans for a variety of industrial spaces with LEED-capable energy efficiency.

Pepprl-Fuchs Industrial Sensors

The Pepprl-Fuchs innovative portfolio for factory automation includes inductive, photoelectric, capacitive, magnetic, and ultrasonic sensors. Their team will tailor a sensor system to your plant’s needs and connect it to your networks for more efficient automation and data collection around your processes.

For regular updates on the latest products, visit Food Engineering’s technology sourcebook.

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