A case study featured in Food Manufacturing yesterday highlights a now-common shift from conventional batch cooking to continuous systems. In response to growing demand from international markets, South African family company Paarman Foods teamed up with Unitherm Food Systems in 2015 to change their approach to cooking many of their spiced protein products.

The key to Paarman’s shift in production was Unitherm’s Micro Spiral Oven. Paarman product development manager Nikki Edwards says, “The on-board controls enable us to utilize many different recipes and also scale up on product throughput as required to meet increasing demands.”

Unitherm’s ovens are developed with a flexibility that’s proving valuable to growing companies. According to Food Manufacturing, the various models “have the flexibility of a batch system, but the efficiencies and yield advantages of a continuous system.” Unitherm ovens are capable of a range of cooking styles that allow manufacturers to retain original processes as they scale up production.

Source: Food Manufacturing. Case History: Ramping Up Production Via Continuous Systems 

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