Genetic Background with DNA Genome Sequence Art

The major recall by CRF Frozen Foods this week has been a long time coming. According to NPR, new CDC tools that track the sequenced genome of listeria recognize in this latest cluster of illnesses, matches from bacteria that has sickened others in recent years.

Listeria monocytogenes kills 1 in 5 victims and holds higher risks for older adults, pregnant women, newborns, and those with weakened immune systems. It’s been found since 2010 in everything from cantaloupe to caramel apples, and it’s led to recalls of ice cream, deli meats, soft cheeses, and this most recent, massive recall of 358 consumer products sold under 42 separate brands.

More information can be found on the CDC’s website. More information on listeria and the CDC’s genome sequence tracking is available from the Kaiser Family Foundation, via NPR.

Sources: Centers for Disease Control. Multistate Outbreak of Listeriosis Linked to Frozen Vegetables, NPR. Frozen Food Fears: 4 Things to Know About the Listeria Recall.

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